Mother's Day Basket Pin

from week ending 4/11/99

Design and instructions by Diana Trupiano


2" mini wicker basket with or without handle

Scrap black cardboard

Mini Silk Floral picks: white baby's breath; assorted foliage; assorted flowers (I used three baby's breath, one fliage and one - three bud red tulip pick.)

Scrap silk ribbon, color of your choice

Scrap of floral foam

Pin back, post or bar type, your choice

Hot Glue Gun and sticks


Wire cutter


  1. Cut one side of basket away with scissors, discard. Be careful - once this is cut the basket will be very fragile.

  2. Lay basket on tag board and trace around lower edge. Trace again approximately 1/4" larger.

  3. Cut out tag board at largest mark. Clip all around lower edge, spacing cuts about 1/8" apart. Fold in, all around cut area.

  4. Place a bead of glue all around lower edge at cuts. Carefully place at back of basket and press cut tabs onto basket. Hold until glue is set.

  5. If using a bar type pin back, glue in place now. If using a post type, poke the post through the tagboard (front to back) and place a drop of glue to hold.

  6. Cut floral foam to fit in basket. Place a drop of glue in bottom of basket, carefully press floral foam in place.

  7. Cut apart baby's breath picks if needed. Insert stems into foam to fill basket.

  8. Insert foliage picks as desired.

  9. Insert floral picks as desired.

  10. Tie a bow in the silk ribbon. Glue to center front of basket.

*This design can be used at Christmas time also. Try painting the basket gold, adding mini poinsettia, holly or mistletoe picks. What a great gift!!


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