Making your own Bias Tape


36" square of any fabric (Cotton is best for the towel, due to it's need for durability and repeated washings, however any fabric can be used for bias tape.)

Yard stick

Disappearing marking pen


Sewing machine or serger (It's actually better not to serge bias tape. The seams don't lay as flat, and can cause bunching and puckering in your finished project.)


  1. Press fabric.

  2. Lay flat, right side up, on work surface.Draw a diagonal line from corner to corner.

  3. Cut along line to make two triangle pieces.

  4. Turn over lower triangle, and lay on upper, matching top edges, and overlapping points about 1/4". This will look like a "dove tail".

  5. Stitch 1/4" from edge.

  6. Press seam flat. Do not omit this step! Seams MUST be pressed or your bias tape will not turn out right.

  7. Lay fabric flat on work surface. Starting at one long edge, mark diagonal lines 2" apart across your piece. (Lines must be diagonal to seam.)

  8. Turn fabric over. Bring one point up beyond seam and match to first line marked. (you will NOT match edges exactly.)

  9. From this point, match marked lines at raw edge and pin. There will be an extra 2" hanging over the end. Don't worry, this is SUPPOSED to be there.

  10. Stitch 1/4" from edge. Press seam well. You now have a tube.

  11. With scissors, cut along marked lines. As you cut, you will make a continuous bias strip!

  12. Fold bias strip in half, wrong sides together, and press.

  13. Open bias strip and fold outer edges to center fold. Press. (you may need to re-press the center fold.)


To apply bias tape to project, open tape and lay flat. Match edge of tape to edge of project and pin if needed. Stitch in crease of tape closest to raw edge. Fold tape to wrong side. Stitch close to inside fold (no more than 1/4 away), being sure to stitch through bias on other side.


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