Button Pig Pins

from week ending May 17, 1998

Design and Instructions by Diana Trupiano


Pig Pin Front View


Pig Pin Back View

I love pigs, and have collected them since childhood. I designed these quick and easy pins a few years ago at the suggestion of a friend.


Assorted buttons, at least 1" diameter (for head)

Assorted buttons, and charms, approximately 3/8" (for nose and ears)

Small wiggle eyes, or half bead eyes

Plastic eye lashes (found in the doll section of you craft store)

Assorted pin backs

Assorted colors grosgrain ribbon, 1/4" wide (optional)

Aleene's Thick Designer Tacky Glue, or cool melt glue gun (hot glue will melt the eye lashes!)

tooth picks


  1. Select a large button for pig head. Shank buttons will work, but you must cut off the shank.

  2. Select button for nose, ant two hole button will work.

  3. If using charms for ears, etc., choose them now. If using ribbons, choose colors now. (It is best to keep all the components for each button together, so assembly is easier later.)

  4. Begin with largest button. Lay it flat, right side up, on your work surface. Lay out where the other components will be placed to get an idea of what you want your pin to look like.

  5. Glue on "nose" button.

  6. For eyes, place a small dollop of glue on largest button. Lay 2 - 3 eye lashes in place. Follow with wiggle eye. Press slightly to adhere. Repeat with other eye.

  7. For bow tie, glue desired charm at bottom center of largest button, OR tie a bow, or knot in the grosgrain ribbon. This finished bow should be about 1 1/2" to 2" across. Glue in place. (You can also tie a knot in the center of the ribbon and pull the threads to fray, as on the red pin, above.)

  8. Set aside to dry completely.

  9. Once dry, turn over and add ribbon, buttons or charms for ears, and pin back. Let dry.

There are a few choices of pin back available. I used the "bar" style. There is also a tie tack style, as well as earring backs. These come in either gold, or silver finish.

The same steps above are used to make matching earrings. If you desire hanging earrings, you must drill a 1/16" hole at the center, top of each large button to accommodate a jump ring or ear wire.

To make a charm holder, drill holes along the bottom edge of the largest button and add jump rings and charms. (This is very cute!)


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